Why Artfully Twisted?

We wanted to bring quirky colorways to luxury fibers. While we are alpaca farmers first, we love the vibrancy and bounciness that can be found in wool yarns. 

Our cornerstone is sustainability… and knew we needed to ensure we used a wool that met our needs of being ethically raised and having a high level of sustainability. Merino wool fit that mold to the tee. Similarly to alpaca, Merino wool is temperature regulating, antimicrobial, and does not hold odors. It holds its shape well, and is light weight – making it the perfect fit for a multitude of different end uses. 

What makes our merino yarn different? 

All of our yarns are grown regionally in the US and are small batch processed in our cottage mill in Southern Indiana. We use 100% Non-Superwashed Merino wool, meaning your skeins will stand the test of time and retain all the amazing qualities of natural fibers. Each batch is hand dyed and spun, creating truly unique skeins for one of a kind projects! 

    • Local Collaboration

      We work in collaboration with our community members to create these one of a kind yarns direct to you. Any fibers we cannot source locally, we find within the midwest region of the US.

    • Sustainability

      Sustainability is the corner stone of why we are fiber farmers and focus on small batch fiber processing. We want to provide you with high quality fibers that are good for you and the environment.

    • Quality

      Providing high quailty fibers that will last the test of time - is where our passions lie. We want your one of a kind project to become your family's favorite heirloom.

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